-Reciting the shahada for the first time.
-That happy moment when you've found the person that will help you improve your deen.
-That feeling when someone you don't know gives you that little smile, nod & salaam, just because you're a Muslim.
-Having your plans ruined and realising that it is for the better.

-Making a donation secretly so that no-one knows about it except Allah SWT.
-That awkward moment when your hijab tail whips you in the face.
-The feeling you'll have a great night after you've read isha.
-The feeling that you'll have a great day after you've read Fajr.
-Trying to go back to sleep after fajr salaah.
-That feeling when you give or do more than usual. Even a smile is charity.
-Doing small deeds like putting a pound every day in the sadaqah searching for tremendous rewards.
-Love that feeling of walking into the masjid for Salaah. Complete inner peace & strength.
-That feeling of anger, pain or sadness and then letting it go for the sake of Allah SWT.
-The walk to the masjid for salaah feels great, because it's a walk of purpose.
-The feeling of satisfaction after reading salaah in an inconvenient place while working or travelling. 

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